Visa Consultant Bangalore

Bangalore office of Abhinav has been in the business of Immigration Visa since 1994 and has been endowed with multiple specialization in all kinds of immigration solutions that range from

  • Tourism and travel visit Visa From India
  • Student visa programs of countries like Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.
  • Skilled Immigration through Work Visa and migration programs spanning over provisional visa and Permanent Residency Visa of
    • Australia (under SkillSelect)
      • Federal
      • State sponsorship
    • Canada
      • FSTP
      • FSWC
      • Arranged employment
      • Provincial Nomination Programs  
    • Denmark - Danish green card
    • Hong Kong – Quality Migrant Scheme
    • Singapore EP
    • United Kingdom Tier I visa
  • We are also an established name in handling and processing of business migration visa and investor visa of
    • Australia
      • Business innovation and investment – Temporary residential permit
      • Business talent schemes – direct entry
    • Canada
      • Immigrant Investor Program
      • PNP investor schemes for Manitoba and British Columbia
    • Hong Kong
      • Global investor visa
    • Latvia and Lithuania
      • Temporary resident permits based on investment and business
    • Singapore
      • Entre pass
    • UK Tier I
      • Entrepreneur
      • Investor
    • United States Of America
      • EB-5 in regional center

Our expertise and credentials are proven in all phases and steps of immigration and we are best known for

  • Evaluation and gauging profiles of clients as per the prevalent laws and provisions of immigration policies of country in question
  • Providing ground breaking recommendations and Immigration solutions that best suit the clients profiles
  • Undertaking all Immigration related formalities i.e.
  • Preparing profiles
  • Filing application on client’s behalf
  • Representing clients in Immigration proceedings and processing (We are authorized and licensed agents in Australia, Canada)
  • Observe and follow progress on client’s file and updating them on each phase

The team of experts available at the Bangalore Office are proven industry professionals and are endowed with a good mix of exceptional qualities that include

  • Immaculate seasoning
  • Positive attitude
  • Logical interpretation of laws
  • Elements of understanding the ground realities and comparing the implications of laws and aspirations of clientele

We always strive for sustaining professional excellence and finesse by hand picking people who are driven by a desire to gain precision in Immigration business rather than the aggressive sales targets.

Our straight forward approach of sharp analysis of profiles of clientele aided with blunt sometimes considered a rude interpretation of prospects of migration of clientele has helped to carve a niche for ourselves. This reputation has actually resulted in unprecedented success that is nothing short of success. Over the years we have accumulated enough experience to handle even the difficult cases. One highlight of our services lies in handling cases of appeals and refusals.

The true testimonial to our success is the numerous migration aspirants coming to us through references from our successful clientele.

Our approach of forging a partnership with our clients in immigration process has always helped us to work out efficient immigration solutions. During a thorough assessment of profiles which we carry through during the initial visits of clients we are able to extract all critical information and evaluate those excerpts in the light of the immigration laws.

Our upto date database of immigration laws and their implications always comes in handy while taking decisions on tricky profiles and we always make it sure that whatever outcome is achieved in the brain storming sessions should be validated by the law experts in our network. It is only then we suggest placement of requests for Immigration.

No wonder we have assisted thousands in Immigrating to other countries and are still counting.

Contact our Bangalore office or log onto our Bangalore centric website to avail a service that is well established and acknowledged for its professional excellence and enviable success in immigration cases.